Support ASF

We are a non-profit organization and provide our program entirely free to the athletes. To be able to help athletes scale their performances and move towards an international level requires sustained investment in hiring experienced, international level coaches, knowledge transfer from international sports institutes, immersion of foreign coaches from time to time, special nutrition, gear and world-class training facilities.

These are following ways you can support the creation of world-class athletes:

  1. Adopt an athlete
    • This sponsorship will include all the training, nutrition, travel as well as education costs for the identified athlete. We will keep the sponsor regularly updated on the performance of the athlete in his/her chosen event as well as in education.
  2. Building world-class infrastructure is priority for us.

      At the moment we are building the Athletics Centre. The Central Government, through SAI, has funded the 8-lane, synthetic track. We are now looking for sponsors to fund the residential complex for athletes and coaches as well as build a sports lab, recovery room etc. that will make it a 360 degree facility.

    • HOCKEY

      We want to build an astro-turf, international standard hockey stadium with related facilities. We are looking for sponsors to be fund the astro-turf ground.

  3. Adopt a trainer
    • At the heart of our program is the Coach. We need to invest in our Coaching staff through training and exchange program in future.

If you are interested in funding our program, please do write to indicating your area of interest. We can then share more details of our plans and costs and see how we can partner with each other.

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